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Connect Cloud Accounts


The Upwind platform connects cloud accounts to enable teams to detect and respond to runtime threats, and continuously manage cloud configurations, permissions, and compliance. Upwind ensures robust security and compliance for your cloud accounts, aligning with industry standards. The onboarding process is designed for easy integration, allowing you to align with your organization's security priorities seamlessly.

To initiate the monitoring of resources within your cloud provider, the first step is to link your public cloud accounts to Upwind. This involves granting the necessary permissions in both Upwind and your cloud accounts to authenticate and authorize the secure connection for data retrieval. Upwind administrators holding the Admin roles can utilize the console onboarding process to begin the connection process.

Connect your cloud accounts

In the Upwind console, navigate to the Onboarding page, and select the cloud provider you wish to connect. image1.png

Connected Accounts

At any point, it's possible to view the list of the connected cloud accounts under Inventory.

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