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Upwind Cloud Security Platform

Upwind is the runtime-powered cloud security platform that leverages runtime data to secure your cloud infrastructure. Upwind helps you reduce alert noise by 95% and mitigate the risks that actually matter, identify the root causes of threats 10x faster, and respond with context and automation.

Upwind protects everything you run in the cloud in one centralized platform, whose capabilities include posture management, vulnerability management, identity security, container security, workload protection, serverless security and API security.

End-to-End Cloud Security

Upwind Cloud Security Platform bridges intelligence from runtime to build-time, eliminating friction & boosting the productivity of your developers, security engineers, and DevOps. Upwind delivers comprehensive cloud security, precisely when and where it’s most critical.


By marrying build-time and runtime intelligence, Upwind helps you to do the following:

  1. Discover the Full Topology of your Cloud Infrastructure: See everything in one place and inspect each layer — your compute platforms, networks, data, identities & running applications across your hybrid-cloud infrastructure.
  2. Prioritize & Eliminate Your Most Critical Risks: By leveraging runtime intelligence Upwind precisely identifies critical risks which enables focused, efficient and intelligent security and reduces alert noise by 95%.
  3. Bridge the Intelligence, See the Full Story: Reach the root cause 10x faster and understand the app ownership sprawl across your entire CI/CD and software development lifecycle. Automatically respond to threats with rich context from infrastructure, networking (layer 3, 4) and Application (layer 7) and block threatening behavior in real time.